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Dr. Isaac Farin

Dr. Isaac Farin

Dr. Isaac Farin was born and raised in Miami, FL., He obtained his doctoral degree in family therapy from Nova Southeastern University in Davie, FL. where he became an expert in utilizing mindfulness as a form of self-care—‘mindfulness self-care.’

Dr. Farin has been working in the psychotherapy field since 2008, and he is the owner of the well-established psychotherapy practice in North Miami Beach, FL., Isaac Farin Therapy, LLC.

Dr. Farin is recognized worldwide for his development of the therapeutic intervention, Longboard Therapy®, in which he utilizes the sport of longboard skateboarding in navigating change through mindfulness and flow-oriented processes.

Dr. Farin is a solution informed therapist who is most passionate about strength-based approaches to healing. He is also a clinical hypnotherapist, and a devoted practitioner of mindfulness and meditation.

Dr. Farin’s interest in plants and plant remedies stems back to his childhood days in which he relished in nature, and in the ‘roots’ of the garden specifically. He truly believes that Mother Nature provides great healing tools and potentials for vitality and growth when utilized correctly.

Dr. Farin is an advocate for the legal uses of psychedelics and plant medicines to be utilized in conjunction with therapy in optimizing states of healing, change, exploration, and growth.

Vanessa Bibliowicz

Vanessa Bibliowicz

Vanessa is originally from Colombia and moved at an early age to Florida, where she received her undergraduate degree from the University of Miami. She later completed her master's in Marriage and Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University, where she is currently a doctoral candidate.

Since the start of her career, Vanessa has dedicated most of her time to experiential forms of therapy. She specialized in Equine Therapy and was later trained in hypnotherapy and breathwork. While working with these therapeutic modalities, she witnessed that real change arises from experiences and not exclusively from cognitive understanding.

Most of all, Vanessa is passionate about teaching her clients the power of alternate states of consciousness. She has helped clients reach those states and, in the process, seen its healing potential for individuals who felt stuck or were looking for a life-changing insight.

Vanessa believes that time is life’s greatest commodity, and through deep and meaningful moments created by the work done at Mindful Psychedelics, she has found a faster way to help her clients create the change they need.