Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis: Enhancing Psychedelic Integration

"The unconscious is much smarter, wiser, and quicker. It understands better.
Your unconscious mind knows what is right and what is good,
When you need protection, it will protect you."

—Milton Erickson

At Mindful Psychedelics, LLC,® we utilize both the logic of and the intervention of hypnosis in our work with clients.

This means that we understand the importance of a body-mind connection and that the resources available in every individual’s unconscious are always useful.

Due to faulty popular belief, there are many misconceptions about the use of hypnosis and its ability to control a non-willing individual. This is quite the opposite of the truth. For a person to go into a hypnotic state, they must be willing, cooperative, and interested in learning a new experience.

In that experience, based upon willingness, the therapist can help the client explore new relationships with their problems, gain different perspectives, and achieve their goals.

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