• 8 Nov

    MDMA: Present & Future

    Like its other psychedelic counterparts, MDMA is equally intriguing and influential in the experience of self and others and has been researched more and more as its benefits in the therapeutic realm are being unveiled.

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  • 3 Nov
  • 28 Sep
  • 25 Sep

    Why Should We Know About Ketamine?

    Ketamine is a special kind of medicine that can change the way people feel and see the world. It was first made to help with pain during surgery, but now, doctors and scientists are finding out it can do much more.

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  • 11 Dec

    Psychedelic Integration Therapy

    If you’ve heard of the term psychedelic therapy, like many, you might have strong reactions for or against it. On one side, you have individuals that warn about its addictive properties or harmful side-effects.On the other, you have individuals who believe psychedelics—can enlighten and heal.

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