Frequently Asked Questions About Psychedelic Therapy & Integration

What is a psychedelic experience?

A psychedelic experience is an experience in which the body and mind reach an altered state of consciousness— a mental state in which your mind can be aware, but it’s not in its usual waking condition.

An altered state can be reached through several different mediums, such as:  

  • Hypnosis
  • Meditation
  • Psychedelics
  • Plant medicines
  • Breathwork
  • Flow oriented activity

I thought psychedelic medicines were harmful and illegal?

Like any medication, if misused, the results can be harmful and even lethal. The use of psychedelics in a therapeutic context is very different from their use recreationally.

An M.D. will always be part of the process, and their job will be to assess your health and prescribe the correct dosage. You will also be monitored before and after your session to support your healing process.

It is important to know that currently in Florida, Ketamine is the only legal psychedelic used as a therapeutic treatment. There is, however, promising research in the works with medicines such as MDMA and Psylocibin, and it is believed that one day in the near future they will be decriminalized when used therapeutically (just like we have seen in some other states).

How can psychedelic medicine be useful?

Psychedelic medicines are one tool for people to reach altered states of consciousness. These altered states allow the individual to access their internal experiences and explore themselves on a deeper level while going beyond their intellect and conscious stream of thoughts.

Many individuals claim to have what is considered a “mystical experience” and rate it as one of the most important events in their life.

Research shows that during an altered state there is heightened neuroplasticity in the brain; therefore, the mind, behavior, and thought pattern is more receptive to change. In 2014 a study done at John Hopkins with psilocybin, they found that 80% of individuals come out of their psychedelic experience with a different relationship to their addiction, anxiety, or depression— hence, a different relationship to their chronic problems. Individuals would come out of their experience saying that it was the first time they felt freedom from their struggles.

Psychedelic medicine is believed to be a revolution in mental health care. Researchers are optimistic that psychedelics have the potential to relieve millions of individuals from the suffering of anxiety, addiction, depression, and fear of death.

What is Psychedelic Integration Therapy?

Psychedelic Integration Therapy provides clients with a safe place to talk about and explore their psychedelic experiences. The main difference between this approach and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy is that, in the latter, the medicine is done independently from Mindful Psychedelics, LLC,®. In Psychedelic Integration Therapy, we can help our clients prepare for their experience and, most importantly, integrate any valuable insight gained in their journey.

Why is therapy necessary in a psychedelic journey?

Even though the psychedelic experience is very powerful, therapy allows that experience to expand and have genuine lasting effects.

Therapy is an essential component for the time before taking psychedelic medicine and the time after.

The preparation before taking a psychedelic is a necessary factor in determining the success of the journey. During that time, our clients' focus during the pre-sessions is creating positive changes that will significantly benefit them. Additionally, other tools — such as mindfulness, breathwork, or hypnosis ­— can be introduced to help our clients reach their ultimate potential. It is not uncommon for the person to be in a completely different space even before they get to the moment when they are ready to engage with the medicine.

In post-sessions, the therapist will have the ability to create a safe holding space for the individual to process, explore, and gain new perspectives, which are vital for lasting change.

Our job is to help clients open new and creative interpretations of their thoughts and feelings previously entrenched with negative connotations about their internal or external world.

There is a collective power of psychedelic experiences allied with the insight that can be gained through therapy.